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The dating is based on the identification of the secretaries as noted above, cf. I, —3. The secretaries are designated by superscript letters x , with M being used for Montesquieu. This autograph intervention that is completely crossed out, marginal to the heading, constitutes another stage in the redaction, probably concurrent with the third and fourth stages distinguished below. It could also have been posterior to stage 3, but it is required by the parallelism; it must have been added fairly early on. It should be noted that Shackleton had not identified this hand, which he confused with the autograph, in spite of the differences that are particularly evident here, since the two hands transcribe the same words constitution d'Angleterre.

In the absence of any punctuation I have supplied it myself — adding a full-stop between brackets. All the more so in that this page f. I wish to thank Dr Cyprian Blamires most warmly for the quality and elegance of his translation of my original French text. Skip to Main Content.

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XX, 20 in the edition of ; , f. Etat passable.

Manques sur le dos. Frontispice en noir et blanc. Tranches de l'ouvrage humide.

Montesquieu and the ‘French’ Model of Separation of Powers

Tranches humides. Dos fendu sur la longueur. Tampon sur la page de faux titre. Mouillures dans l'ouvrage et sur les plats de couverture. Frontispice : gravure en noir et blanc. Bandeaux, lettrines en noir et blanc. Tome second. Classification Dewey : Annotation en page de garde. Sans date. Texte sur 2 colonnes. Etiquette de code sur le dos.

Gravures en noir et blanc en frontispice et en page de titre. Lettres persanes.

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De l'Esprit des Lois. Oeuvres diverses Fortes mouillures. Gravure en noir et blanc en frontispice portrait. Etiquette de code sur la couverture.

Etiquettes de code sur les couvertures. Quelques petits manques sur les bords des plats. Destutt de Tracy, Villemain, Membres de l'Institut. Le Temple de Gnide. Garnery, Paris.

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Quelques annotations au crayon dans le texte. Oeuvres diverses, tomes I-II. Grandeur des Romains.

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Lettres Persanes. Etat passable, Couv.

Dos fendu.. Tampon de la collection sur le premier plat de couverture.. Frontispice en noir et blanc, avec serpente.