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And here is precisely where an ambiguity or uncertainty arises as regards interpretation. This period was in fact marked by the unification of disparate concepts. Classical perspective and non-Euclidean geometry were not, after all, incompatible with one another. The former was simply viewed as a special case contained within a more general concept. Reconciliation between the static classical and modern mobile approach was attainable since within the representation of successive states of an event could be found repeated images fixed for all time as in the overlapping of several static images.

Just as the dynamism of a motion picture results from a succession of still shots, the Cubists stance expounded by Gleizes and Metzinger on theoretical and plastic fronts, consisted of capturing the subject matter or object in a series of 'still shots' static images and suturing them together i. Likewise, or alternatively, the artist could depict multiple spaces projected onto the canvas simultaneously. There is a subtle difference or distinction between these two types of simultaneity Gleizes describes that deserve closer attention: inscribed onto the canvas could be either 1 the properties of two or more instantiations or physical occurrence happening at the same time from the point of view of one frame of reference the artist fixed in one position , or 2 the artist could inscribe paint the properties of one event represented over a succession of time intervals, observed from several frame of reference or multiple points of view simultaneously expressed onto the canvas , meaning that the observational reference frame is tied to the state of motion of an observer.

There are shared variables between the two concepts, involving the flow of time, i. No longer was the artist restricted to a principle or set of principles. No longer restricted to the imitative description of nature, and despite the complexification of visual stimuli many views instead of one , the technique of painting became simple and direct.

A predecessor to cinematography and moving film, chronophotography involved a series or succession of different images, originally created and used for the scientific study of movement. These chronophotographs included a series of dancers and women washing.

Tout Kupka au Grand Palais : un artiste et une rétrospective rares

Though Gleizes may not have seen these specific photographs he was likely interested in the same idea, as were the Futurists. The motion picture with its cinematic techniques was developing too at the time. There is also a scientifique nomenclature offered to the spectator the relativity of simultaneity , that artists themselves, art critics and art historians have not failed to notice. Some have attempted to refute such connections and others have embraced them.

Une recherche authentique

Though the name Einstein was not yet a household word in , there has been a rapprochement of the concept of multiplicity described above and the concept of relativity in the Einsteinian sense. While, as Einstein writes, the physicist can generally limit herself to one system of coordinates for the description of physical reality, the Cubist particularly Gleizes and Metzinger attempted to show the simultaneity of several such views, or, at the very least, they were unwilling to commit themselves to a single coordinate system.

The art critic Olivier-Hourcade writes of this exhibition in and its relation to the creation of a new French school: 'Metzinger with his Port , Delaunay with Paris , Gleizes with his Baigneuses, are close to this real and magnificent result, this victory comes from several centuries: the creation of a school of painting, 'French' and absolutely independent. Gleizes, on the other hand, would write the following year of the movements continual evolution:. Cubism was not a school, distinguished by some superficial variation on a generally accepted norm.

It was a total regeneration, indicating the emergence of a wholly new cast of mind.

Odilon Roche

Every season it appeared renewed, growing like a living body. Its enemies could, eventually, have forgiven it if only it had passed away, like a fashion; but they became even more violent when they realised that it was destined to live a life that would be longer than that of those painters who had been the first to assume the responsibility for it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Baigneuses or Les Grandes Baigneuses. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Leonardo, Vol 21, No. Kunstmuseum Basel, 31 March — 5 August Albert Gleizes. Du "Cubisme" Painting and its Laws Juliette Roche wife. Hidden categories: Interlanguage link template link number. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. The Couple, from Expressionist Woodcut Series. Interior with Chair, from Leo Castelli 90th Birthday portfolio.

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bronze sculpture

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Baigneuse nue sur un rocher

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