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Make an initial list of phrases that describe your item. This is just a basic starting point so think of synonyms, descriptive words and ways in which your item is used. After you have a rough starting list go to the Etsy search bar. Start typing in your keyword phrases and you'll notice that Etsy starts making suggestions in the drop down menu.

These are common search terms that have been used before by buyers so it's good to add a few relevant search terms to your list. Search Etsy for one or two items similar to yours and make a note of their tags and titles for a few keywords you can add to your list. After compiling an initial list of keywords based on the brainstorm it's time to crunch some data. Many shops make the mistake of guessing what keywords to use, but there are tools available that can literally take away the guess work.

I used this for my shop to get listings ranking on the top pages for my main keyword phrases and have never looked back since. Marmalead is a website for Etsy sellers looking to take their shops to the next level. The site provides tools that can help you to determine the best pricing structure for your items and keyword research to help optimise your shop. Sign up for Free to try out some of the basic features by following this link!

Both the free and paid for memberships offer tremendous value to your shop and the site makes it extremely easy for you to do keyword research. From all of this you can get a good idea of what you're up against and what tags, titles and styles of listings are doing the best for your niche. With the paid plan you get a lot more features at your disposal, some of which include:. The ability to see where your listings are ranked for particular searches — this way you can experiment and change your keywords to see what's working.

Quickly see what sort of competition you face to help you choose keywords you can rank highly for.

Ultimate Etsy SEO Guide

Later in this tutorial I will reference features that are only available to Marmalead "Entrepreneurs". I'd recommend signing up for free, dipping your toes in and upgrading to the more advanced features if you feel they will benefit you. Sign up to Marmalead here! I am not a sleazy affiliate marketer and I'd never recommend something I don't use myself.

My advice is genuine and if you use my link I can keep creating great content for you and others! Marmalead Spreadsheet: Choose of the most relevant keywords and then head over to Marmalead to compile a spreadsheet with the amount of Views, Favs per week and Competing listings. Now that all of the research has been done, you've spied on the competitions listings and crunched all the data for relevant keywords it's time to narrow down the results and choose the best 13 phrases.

It's difficult for me to tell you what the best keywords will be, but ideally you want a combination of:.

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High monthly views and interaction: You should target keywords that have a decent number of views and favourites per week to show that people are searching for and interacting with the listings. Relevant to your listing: The keywords must make sense and be relevant to your item. Not too broad: Again it is very difficult to rank highly for broad searches i. Choose 13 keywords that are long tail, descriptive and not too broad so you stand a chance of ranking on the first page.

Remember you are better off ranking on the first page for a keyword with low searches than page for a popular search! The hard part is done at this stage now we just need to place those keywords in the right places! We'll start with where to include them in your listings:. The beginnings of titles have an especially strong pull. Keep words that buyers are most likely to search for close to the front. Niche keywords like "Mens Silver Ring", or "Funny greeting card" are perfect.

Save your title for words buyers are likely to search for. If you're listing art then put the title of the piece towards the end of the title or in the description alone to allow for more keywords in the title.

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Use 13 tags for every listing: While listing an item, you can add up to 13 tags. Use them all! That way you cover more words buyers might use to find you. If you have a series of similar items it's best to use slightly different titles and tags in each listing. This will optimise the number of search phrases you can rank for giving people more opportunity to find you!

The first paragraph of the item's description forms the "Meta Description" on Google. Meta descriptions are commonly used on search engine result pages to display preview snippets for a given page. On Google this will form the characters of black text below the blue page title and green website address. Load the first paragraph of your item description with keywords so people browsing search engines can determine what your item is by reading the snippet.

Use of your chosen keywords while describing your items. This isn't necessarily a factor in Etsy search but the keywords you've chosen will have been searched by buyers so it makes sense to include them in places. Don't over do it and spam the living daylights out of your description, just drop them in naturally! It may be a good idea to limit the number of keywords in the title and make it naturally readable - maybe just use The "Shop Announcement" forms the meta description for your shop in search engines so include some of your keywords in it.

It's good to include an "elevator pitch" for your shop describing your business in 1 or 2 sentences where you can use the keywords naturally. After this brief description you can include any updates on shipping times or special offers etc. The "Shop Story" section is one of the most neglected pages and I see many novice sellers who completely over look it. It gives you a chance to connect with your customers, build trust and showcase your brand positively. Show the customer the lengths you have been to in order to master your craft and bring them products that will solve their problems!

After brainstorming, selecting 13 keywords and including them in your listings it is important to track them and see what is working. In the words of Karl Pearson, "That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially. Taking a thorough approach to your shop SEO will give you a massive upper hand over your competitors, so you'll need to keep experimenting to see what's working.

It is difficult to see where your own items rank for a given search term on Etsy. You could input a search like "vintage red dress" and manually click through each page to see where your items are ranking but unfortunately it's not that simple.

#2 – Use Longtail Keywords In Titles

We know that Etsy uses multiple algorithms to determine the most relevant search results and these can effect what you see when you search for your own items. Your geographical location now plays a role and just like on Google, search results can be personalised to you based on your browsing history. So how can you accurately check to see where your items rank? Marmalead Keyword Search. The Marmalead Entrepreneur package features an upgraded Keyword Search tool that allows you to see if your items rank in the top listings for a search term!

Here's how to use it:. Click the arrow next to "Include" to open the drop down menu.

#1 ETSY SEO Mistake - Don't Do This Or Your Etsy Views Will Drop - Fix your Etsy SEO

Scroll down the page and you will see which of your items are ranked and what page they're on. Having the ability to see if your listings are ranking well means you can determine what's working and what's not. With this information you can change things and continually improve. New listings also have a neutral quality score, which has no impact on placement. Take advantage of these benefits by renewing your items regularly.

For competitive niches you may benefit from doing this daily, but renewing every days is what I recommend. Whenever you make changes to your item titles or tags you should renew the item. This shows Etsy that changes have been made and generally bumps the listing up to the top of the search results. Recently I listed a new item in my Etsy store a wooden razor and managed to get it ranking on the first page for multiple searches.

The finished razor was a beauty and I was super proud to have made it! I also got some nice photos which I think represented the item well. Below are the stages I went through to research keywords and make the listing.

The Ultimate Etsy SEO Guide - 16 Best Tips to Increase Sales

Describe the item in one sentence: A mach 3 razor with a wooden handle made out of walnut, inlayed with crushed malachite. I fired up Marmalead and did a number of searches related to my seed keywords. Using the keyword suggestions and taking a few keyword ideas from competing listings similar to mine I compiled a list of about 30 ideas. With my huge list created I moved on to the Marmalead Keyword Comparison tool. I typed each word individually and made a spreadsheet to document the number of competing listings, views and favourites per week for every keyword.

24 Best Etsy Seo Services To Buy Online | Fiverr

With the spreadsheet created I was able to sort the data to see which keywords received the most views per week. With my data sorted I was able to choose 13 keywords that were relevant to my razor, received a decent number of views per week and didn't have a huge amount of competition. Here are the ones I chose:. Gift for him, Boyfriend gift, Husband gift, groomsmen razors, groomsmen gift ideas, Razor for men, gifts for dad, 5th anniversary gift, Mach 3 razor, Wet Shaving, engraved razor, mens wood razor, Personalized razor.

Gift for him, Boyfriend gift, Husband gift, groomsmen gift ideas, Personalized razor, Razor for men, mens wood razor, gifts for dad, 5th anniversary gift, groomsmen razors, Mach 3 razor, Wet Shaving, engraved razor. I renewed the listing and checked all of the keywords individually on Marmalead to see how the listing was ranking:. I ranked well on 9 out of 13 keyword tags and even got onto page 1 for 7 of them! This isn't bad but I'll be looking to improve this over time and rank on page 1 for all of the tags!

I'll remove the tags that I don't rank for and change them up to keywords with less competition, hopefully this should get my razor in front of more eyeballs! Thank you for reading this tutorial, I know it's kind of a heavy subject but I hope you have found some value here and my advice helps you to improve your Etsy shop's visibility! Now that you're armed with the knowledge it's time to get stuck in and experiment with your own listings.

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  6. I would highly recommend you sign up for Marmalead even if you just use the free dabbler account. If you are looking to go full time with your shop or even step it up a notch then you should upgrade to the Entrepreneur plan.