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If I am driving, I have her sit in the front with me so we can chat one on one. I was just wondering the same thing. I am a mother of a HSP and always knew it. I bought the book The out-of-synch child, carol stock kranowitz. So many other adults say she is just trying to get away with not having to clean, complete homework or join in social activities. Thanks for this.

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I read Dr. I am currently on the waiting list for The Highly Sensitive Child.

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Now so many things make sense. Do non-HSP people feel the fall when someone else falls? Do non-HSP people get tummy aches when their friends get tummy aches? Also, for many years, I would call out sick on Mondays not every Monday -now I realize it was me needing down time after a stimulated weekend.

18. The Ladykillers (2004)

Thank you Anne. Good point, Allison! One of my closest friends always used to get very nervous when she came to visit me in our isolated country home lions? Where do I get nervous? I wonder if this trait is in any way hereditary? I stay away from the news as well. Wow, cannot believe how much this is me….

I love love my nieces and nephews but cannot handle if they rough house, or bicker, or cry, or says a cross word. I also cannot watch the news, and cannot even handle the grocery store most times, let alone any other interactions, and need more down time than can handle up. I feel completely crazy, and my Dr. But I am so sensitive, I wake up multiple times to just blow my nose, or clean my ears.

I got the hives when I was 9 mos old because my Dad left to work in another town.

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They just think I am nuts…and now I am unable to even work, and can barely get out of the house more than once a week. I am so incredibly sensitive to others emotions, pains…it is just crazy. Makes me feel not so alone…. How do you see and use your strengths, knowing this about yourself? And how do you know when to get out of your comfort zone and risk, instead of just being labeled as HSP?

As for comfort zone and risk … I want to think about some. And my love for travel frequently overrides my hatred of car trips and airports.

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Am I on the right track? I was wondering this myself. Also, tense shoulders leading to tension headaches and stomach aches from emotional distress. I am very curious to know if there is a link. Surprisingly enough, there is very little literature on the subject on the internet.

Would love to read more on the topic if anyone has recommendations. What would be the book for a grown-up who struggles with most of those things? Yup, this is me and my older child. I really like the question posed above about how do you use your strengths, when should you push yourself…this is what I struggle with now.

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The more I understand about these innate traits of mine, the more I am tempted to stick to my comfort zone. Yet, pushing myself out of that zone in the past often led to some really amazing experiences. Tough questions. The part when she talks about a normal person being like a conveyer belt that sorts fruit into two sizes and a HSP being a conveyer belt that sorts fruit into 10 sizes — I about fell out of my chair.

Oooh, I was hoping you would do a follow-up!

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My son is the same way. I am so eager to read more about this, for me and my oldest son. I took the quiz for him and checked all but four boxes. This helps put words to it, if that makes sense. Thanks so much for these resources, my list is getting a little long! Preach, Anne. I first heard about HSP from a friend, took the test and scored rather high. Then you wrote about it and I felt so normal. It also explains so many frustrations as a child and why I would escape with a book.

I wish I had known about this when I was younger. Would have explained a lot. Especially my ongoing hatred of tags in clothes! I think my mom is the same way.

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We both tend to have anxiety attacks in crowded places. The reviewer warned that the book in question was filled with graphic violence and rape, but the plot still sounded intriguing. When he was 4-months old, we had a small birthday party for my older child in our home and my son screamed the whole time. My mom took him to an upstairs bedroom and he settled quickly, but as soon as he reentered the room, he was agitated. After that, he did not handle crowds even small crowds well at all.

Forget Chuck E. Cheese on the weekends. We learned that the hard way.

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He could also identify by smell what vegetable I was cooking. He was afraid of the ceiling fan and wildly afraid of the flamingos at the zoo. He is 7 now and as his mom I am learning how to respond and help him cope with his sensitivities. Best of all, he is learning how to manage his sensitivities on his own!

At our core, we need different things, but a commonality that helps make some compromises and seeing differences easier. I scored fairly high on the HSP test I took, but my daughter has Sensory Processing Disorder for which she receives occupational therapy. The two things are not always a good combination, and I am so thankful for the knowledge and research many people have put into studying this stuff! Thanks for sharing, and for the book suggestions!

Does HSP have any connection to birth order? A lot of commenters here seem to have oldest children that are HSP. I realized when she was about one that she was a high need baby and then understood why the first year was so hard. Then I realized she was a HSP and things started to fall together a bit more. Like you, I abhor violence whether it is in books or on TV.