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Value that moment. The moments we share with the people we love are so precious. Think about ways to improve your relationship, fun things to do or chores that will help ease their burden. In words, express your love and tell your boyfriend or wife that you care. Most importantly, show that you care. Those are what contribute to your actions. So go ahead — get your boyfriend tickets to the basketball game.

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Get your wife flowers. Tell your partner you love them. That guy who checked you out at the bar and asked for your number at your work happy hour? Forget it. Staying up late at night to check out that video your friend sent you on YouTube? A slow killer. Vices, temptations, minor distractions — these are the things that tear relationships apart. John Lydon from McGill University discussed a study in which people were shown pictures of women and men of the opposite sex. They were told to identify the person they found attractive.

Then, it got really interesting. He discusses more in this New York Times piece:.

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To be faithful and committed to my wife, I had to eliminate the temptations, like too much perusing on Facebook or letting my mind wander too much in social settings. Take those things out of the picture. This requires discipline, but then again, so does committing to a relationship. You have to throw your ego out the window and understand where that person is coming from.

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Part of commitment to your partner is satisfying a need for them. Be a great listener. Do something kind. Always express a genuine interest in understanding their point of view! And you should always savor the spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment things that make relationships great. These are two different things! I love writing, coaching and watching the Yankees play baseball. We understand how much our personal time means to us. We also love to do activities together and with our son that make us happy. In the end, focus on the things that matters most to each of you.

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Make sure your passions and enthusiasm get to come out! This is so important to striking the accord of commitment.

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Join my newsletter and discover how I help high-achieving business professionals achieve the biggest results of their life. Also, check out my bestselling book, The Value of You. Sign in. Get started. Mission Originals Subscribe. The 5 Keys to Commitment in Relationships. Christopher D. Connors Follow. Inspiring you to achieve life-changing results. See responses Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Find an enriching and beautiful place to meditate occasionally and think about your life to help you set goals that can help you improve your life and relations with others. Choosing the right therapist.

We asked relationship coach Janet Murray for her tips on how to reignite the spark. Often all you need is two willing people and a determination to find each other again. The Spark also provides a range of free resources and hints and tips for common relationship problems on our website. Characteristic 2: A Cancer man does have trust issues: Another common trait of a cancer man is trust issues. And maybe, by taking some of the actions in this article, you can rediscover each other, and not just put the spark back into your relationship, but herald a new, happier era for you both.

For instance, if you're trying to get through a work problem, take a break to do some painting. Brian M - author of posts on The Art of Charm Once he realized attraction was something he could learn, Brian spent way too much of his free time studying and practicing everything he could find on the subject. Here you will learn the best ways to talk to and approach your man to get the optimum results. Over the years, I've concluded that these are the five habits of happily partnered couples: 1.

Like many couples, you and Bruce seem to have lost the intense spark you once had but you can rediscover your sexual relationship and get back on track. Have fun courting and practice flirting as a way to ignite sexual desire and intimacy. Instead, speak up respectfully and directly. Try something new together that you may have been talking about and never got around to. Understand how attraction works. Go ahead and talk about the things you love about him and this is sure to touch the right chord with him.

I want to be able to attract my ex girlfriend without taking the risk of losing her. Gottman says that "everything positive you do in your relationship is foreplay. Sometimes you just need some inspiration to spark things up again. Now, you must find the right therapist. By Carol Allen.

Act like you did when you were first dating. If Saturdays have always been reserved for chores, plan an adventure.

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Newton was right of course when he stated that an object at rest will stay at rest, while an object in motion will tend to stay in motion. Or you watched her eyes roll back, in pleasure? If your relationship has become yawn-worthy.

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Kiss and Tell.