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They face mutiny, pirates and storms which drive them to the coast of the savage Scythians who earmark one of the crew as a human sacrifice. Following this escapade, they land in Pontos where ruthless Amazons arrest them, as they allow no man to enter their territory. Once the Amazons recognise her as the disgraced daughter of one of their leaders, Hero is in great danger of mutilation and slavery, as well as harbouring her overriding fear that her mother, an Amazon leader, will not be reconciled with her.

Add as much organic matter as possible, digging through. Well rotted manure will help feed the soil organisms, and the plants. Once your hedge is planted, a good layer of mulch will help to keep the soil moist, as well as keeping weed growth at bay. If mulching, a regular fertiliser schedule is a good idea, as mulch can use some of the nitrogen from the area.

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The classical image of a hedge is a neatly clipped, box-shaped living fence. Just as effective, however, is a less formal planting that is allowed to develop without intensive shaping. It does not necessarily even have to follow a straight line, as a meandering hedge can look fantastic if it is in keeping with a less formal garden design.

An informal hedge also has the advantage that it can be allowed to flower and in some cases produce ornamental or edible berries as well. There are certain critical features that a hedge plant must have to give the best result.

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Most importantly, the plant used must be extremely hardy and long-lived so that gaps do not develop in the hedge over the long term. Factors such as soil type and climate must be carefully considered and advice from your local garden centre or gardening friends will be very helpful. If you are planning a formal hedge that will be clipped often to maintain a particular shape then a plant with relatively small leaves such as box various Buxus species is best as these can be clipped as often as required without looking ragged.

Larger leaved plants such as Photinia are better suited to a less formal look, although they will respond to regular clipping if necessary. Spacing is a critical issue in achieving a solid visual barrier. Exact spacings will depend on the species you are planting, but generally it is better to plant closer than normal to get the plants to mesh tightly together. Smaller growing plants such as box will need to be planted at closer centres such as half a metre, while a metre or more is ideal for larger growing shrubs such as camellias.

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Narratology beyond Literary Criticism by Jan Christoph Meister, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Narratology is a humanities discipline dedicated to the study of the logic, principles, and practices of narrative representation. Dominated by structuralist approaches at its beginning, narratology has developed into a variety of theories, concepts, and analytic procedures.

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Prime Reading. Narratology As a human science, narratology is historically defined and reflects ongoing changes in research agendas and methodologies in the humanities.