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Previously David spent 18 years implementing advanced investment decision analytics at Asset Managers, Asset Owners and their Consultants across the UK, Europe and Asia - driving technological change and innovation for some of the most sophisticated investment management institutions. December present, Chief Economist at Okasan Securities. In April , Joined Bank of Japan. He has experience as a Product Manager in the credit and counterparty risk space, and was previously the Product Manager for ratings and credit content in EMEA, based in London.

Prior to this, Paul focused on market strategy, covering Investment and Commercial Banks, private equity and credit markets. Born in Tokyo in Having been posted in the industrial policy section and the international trade policy section for a few years, he was enrolled in a two year MPA Master of Public Administration programme at Woodraw Wilson School of Princeton University in the US on a Japanese government sponsorship. Megumi is a banking professional with extensive experience in a wide range of roles across business, infrastructure and risk and control functions, in both Tokyo and London.

Most recently, she has worked in risk management, leading a global team tasked with defining and maintaining the control framework for benchmarks and indices. In her current role, Megumi contributes to the design of the global control framework and the development of routines for management of non-financial risks.

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She is also responsible for non-financial risk management for Japan and Korea. Koei Imai served as a part-time professor at the economics faculties of Musashi University in and and Gakushuin University in Philippe has previously worked as an Equity Derivatives trader in charge of Flows and Structured Products in different investment banks foreign and Japanese. Philippe has a deep knowledge of both plain vanilla listed options and more exotic structures.

Sachiko has nearly 20 years of experience in global financial institutions both in Japan and in the UK.

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She started her career at Finance Department of Sumitomo Chemical and gained experience in capital market financing. Joined the Bank of Japan in April June , Branch Manager, Niigata Branch. Since August , present position.

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He delivers his strategic insights and solutions in a wide range of asset classes to institutional and retail clients. Kamiyama previously spent more than five years working at Nikko Asset Management and its predecessor firms, until A Chartered Financial Analyst, Mr. He was responsible for enterprise risk management and the internal capital adequacy process.

He also worked on regulatory affairs regarding Basel III reform. He was U. Prior to that Kyohei worked as an economist at Nomura. He ranked 4 in the Nikkei Economists Ranking in She is working on a range of policy issues, including Japanese public policy, risk management, collateral management and benchmark reforms. Later he managed an analytics team supporting underwriters to develop new products for large corporates in the agribusiness and energy sector. Illustrations note XVI, p.

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These costumes made of a light weight high-tech textile, designed by artist Margret Wibmer for this event, reference the language of different types of clothing from Eastern and Western culture. In the context of our event at the Conservatorium Hotel the changing of the cloth provided a moment of transition from enjoying unusual foods and a lively conversation to the more silent part of this session; providing space for intrinsic observations of movement, taste, sound, texture, form and colours, the preparation and the serving of the tea.