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Stormwater runoff: is responsible for 19 percent of the total nitrogen pollution in the Chesapeake Bay and a similar amount in the Elizabeth River. This floodwater can spread into yards and carry pollutants including dangerous bacterial where residents work in gardens and children and pets play on the grass. Don't sweep or dump leaves, grass clippings, litter, motor oil or anything else into the river, the street, or your storm drain. In most of Hampton Roads, your storm drains lead directly to the river with no filtering - even if you live blocks away.

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Motor oil dumped in the storm drain quickly results in river pollution. And while grass and leaves may seem harmless, they decompose in the river to add excess nutrients, which feed algal blooms and rob fish of critical oxygen.

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Move your car on street-sweeping day. Parked cars reduce the effectiveness of this important effort. Consider gravel, wood mulch or open-design pervious pavers. Standard License Extended License. Size Guide.

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XL Backdrops, billboards and digital screen displays. Using this image on a resale item or template? Print Electronic Comprehensive.

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