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It is his hope that it both encourages and challenges you in your Christian walk. It is available in both paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon. Pastor Wagner's commentary on Proverbs 1 is God's wisdom justified of one of her children. With careful definitions of words to elucidate the Holy Spirit's message and comparative analysis from other scriptures, Pastor Wagner's perceptive insights are instructive, inspiring and convicting.

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It can be used as a commentary, but also most profitably as a verse by verse daily meditation. He also often brings forth examples from other parts of the Bible that illustrate the lesson found in a verse. The understanding of a passage begins with its individual words and Pastor Wagner defines many of the words found in the text so the sense of the text is made plain and the verses are clearly explained and easily understood.

I look forward to reading and learning from his continued study in the book of Proverbs. Get Wisdom, Get Understanding Vol.

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In addition to being a commentary, each chapter can be used as a daily devotional for a Christian who desires to learn the understanding, knowledge, and wisdom of God. In this book you will learn God's method for getting understanding, knowledge, and wisdom, how to avoid evil men and scandalous women, how to lead a blessed life which is well pleasing to God, and a verse by verse comprehensive exposition of Proverbs chapter 2. Lord willing, it will soon be available in both paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon.

His continual reading and in-depth study of Proverbs are evident in his book Get Wisdom Get Understanding. From his book one sees that Pastor Wagner is a man of God who has heeded the call of the apostle Paul in 1Timothy "Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly unto them, that they profiting may appear to all" 1Timothy It is a sound, practical exposition that honors the Bible's own internal rules for understanding its message.

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The Author of Holy Scripture knows best how it should be studied, and Pastor Wagner shows that adherence to those principles yields excellent spiritual fruit. Pastor Wagner concisely breaks down the second chapter of Proverbs using only word definitions and supporting scriptures rather than man's opinion. The chapters are short enough to use in family Bible times or would make a nice gift for a young adult or graduation present.

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