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Maintenance is like working on a pen from the tip till the very end, piece by piece. You have to have the resources, the qualifications and a deep understanding of mechanics. This is a very narrow part of the aviation industry. Worldwide, there are only a few thousand people who work in airworthiness. In maintenance, there are millions of people. If you look back at your time here, is there a memory that pops up as the fondest one?

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AP: Good question! It was like a revolution for the whole Estonian aviation industry.

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That time was very interesting — we had to catch so many things at once — on things that we had never been touching before. There were only 16 people working on the planes. Managers, technicians, the director — we were all working together, no matter the rank. It was a crazy time but definitely one of the best!

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Thomas's Jazz Club. These pictures were made with pattern blocks. Pattern blocks are an important manipulative that we use in first grade to learn all about math concepts. From these examples you can learn a lot about shapes, spatial relations and symmetry. The pattern blocks come in six different shapes and colors: Hexagon yellow , Trapezoid red , Parallelogram blue , Triangle green , Square orange and Rhombus white or natural wood color. Return to the Menu. When we build with Duplo we learn about gears, pulleys, belts and interactive systems.

This is one way in which the first grade integrates our science work into our classroom activities.

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With the financial help of our school PTO, Mr. O has purchased additional Duplo blocks so that we can explore more relationships using different kinds of gears.

The picture on the right shows how a worm gear can connect with a regular flat gear to make this machine raise and lower. It is an electronic game with many different question cards. GeoSafari is one of our choice time activities. This vehicle was made with K'Nex.

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There are many different kinds of K'Nex pieces that fit together to make shapes and structures. You can learn a lot about spatial relationships with K'Nex. They are "service words" pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and verbs which cannot be learned through the use of pictures.

Because they are used to hold thoughts together, these words must be recognized at a glance before a child can read with confidence. This is a picture of Mr.

O's model train layout at his house. We get to visit the layout and run the trains. By pushing buttons we can operate the electromagnetic crane, the coal loader, the log loader, the barrel loader. We can make the trains smoke and go "choo-choo. April Rain Song by Langston Hughes. Resource Type. Log In Join Us. View Wish List View Cart.

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