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Sign up for our newsletter. Snap this to add us! What's my undertone? Cool Your skin has pink, peachy pink, or red hues. On a stage. It was good. And yet a strange thing happened in the mid-part of the decade, whereupon bands like Green Day in , or My Chemical Romance in , suddenly started treating arena rock shows like West End musicals. Theatricality was in, if you were willing and you could afford it. And do you really think that Muse needed to be asked twice? At two years, the longest Muse tour to date. But mostly really, really weird.

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An attempt to control the weather, obviously. To support their fifth record, the band performed in their native Teignmouth in Devon — the two nights were dubbed A Seaside Rendezvous — for the first time in over 10 years.

follow site Such larks. Animations beamed were onto the blocks that made up the pyramid. Plus bits of machinery that rose and descended with the band atop them. But it also sported a large roulette wheel appearing on the screens that enveloped the stage, which landed on whichever song was to be played next. Sometimes — rather excitingly — it might even land on a green slot, meaning an alternative song was to be played. Call it a breather.