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What does 'From Concentrate' Mean?

Id reccommed the cheaper apple juice in a Carton. A Tesco Customer 20th September Nowhere near as good - what is going on? Three star - used to be five. A Tesco Customer 13th September The taste of this juice has changed in the past months. It's thinner and sharper. We used to love it but have stopped buying it.


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Desperately seeking missing matter The search for 95 per cent of the Universe. You may like.

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Everyday science. Does milk really build healthy bones? What is chewing gum made of?

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Head to head: chocolate vs crisps. How long could you survive on beer alone? Why does the smell of burnt toast linger? His bizarre solution was lots of lettuce and — paradoxically — acidic citrus fruits. At the time orange juice was not hugely popular, but fruit growers leapt on the acidosis panic and sales rose.

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It poured money into research. In — just in time for the post-war consumer boom — scientists invented a way to remove water from juice and freeze the concentrate into a palatable product.

Orange juice

The blocks of this concentrate could be sold to the new fridge-owning U. Meanwhile in the UK, war babies had been given rose hip, blackcurrant and concentrated orange juice by the Government as a cheap nutrition supplement in the s. This continued into the s, seeding the idea in a generation of baby boomers that juice is healthy. Juice made that way is heated and stored in air-free tanks for up to a year. Again, the process strips the juice of flavour, which has to be added afterwards. But while juice contains many vitamins and minerals, there is no fibre - and a lot of sugar.

40(ish) SFF Cooler Combinations Tested!

Manufacturers say they help give their product a consistent flavour. For decades, health gurus, and some doctors, have claimed the vitamin C in juice fights common colds. Research shows that the best that can be claimed for vitamin C is that it might shorten colds by a day or two.

Given that most of us get two colds a year, worrying about vitamin C every day seems an over-reaction. Yet plenty of vegetables, including broccoli, potatoes, kale and peppers, have doses comparable to those in fruit. What you will get from juice is sugar. Lots and lots of it. The new advice this week from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition is that men should have a maximum of 35g of sugar a day — seven to eight teaspoons — while women should not exceed 25g — five to six teaspoons.