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Almost everything observable has been obliterated by cow tracks which are the only marks on the ground anywhere. Eventually, Heidegger's bicycle tracks are found, and they end where he lies, dead.

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After that, Holmes and Watson arrive at the Fighting Cock Inn , and meet the innkeeper, Reuben Hayes, who seems startled indeed to hear that Holmes wants to go to Holdernesse Hall, the Duke's nearby house, to tell him news of his son. The two men have lunch there, and Holmes suddenly realises that he and Watson saw lots of cow tracks out on the moor, but never at any time did they see any cows.

Furthermore, the patterns of the hoof prints were quite unusual, suggesting that the cow in question trotted, cantered, and galloped. Holmes and Watson sneak out to Hayes's stable and examine the horse's hooves. As Holmes has expected, there is evidence of recent shoeing, but with old shoes and new nails.

Examining the nearby smithy , Holmes and Watson are rather belligerently asked to leave by Mr.

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Shortly afterwards, the two men hide as a cyclist comes along the road from the direction of the Duke's. It is James Wilder, the Duke's personal secretary, and he looks agitated. He arrives at the inn. Soon afterwards, a trap pulls out of the stable yard and goes along the road towards Chesterfield.

A while later, someone else — it is getting dark and only a fleeting glimpse of the new visitor is caught — arrives at the inn. Coming closer, Holmes observes Wilder's bicycle tyres and notes that they are the same make as the first ones encountered on the moor. The next morning, they go to Holdernesse Hall, where they find that the Duke is not well. His son is at the Fighting Cock, and the accused is the Duke himself, but the actual mastermind of this crime is James Wilder, who has a terrible secret: he is the illegitimate son of the Duke. He conceived a plan to kidnap Lord Saltire to force the Duke to change his will, knowing very well that his father would not call the police on him, as he abhorred the very idea of scandal.

An isolated village on a frontier in the Balkans harbors omens and restless spirits. A daring girl steals a captive frog from a traveling fair and braves a haunted gorge to set him free.

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She soon makes a startling discovery. A peasant farmer in southern China suffers the tyranny of bandits, Manchu soldiers, and a greedy landlord.

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