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    I started questioning certain beliefs, exploring other options, trying on different views like so many pairs of shoes. I still knew God existed, and I still believed that He loved me and sent His Son to die on the cross for my sins. I still thought the Bible was important to read, know, study, and memorize. I still thought prayer was good.

    living as mapmakers…

    These things just seemed to be less and less important in my daily life. Life continued on and marriage continued on and marriage is wonderful and beautiful, but also hard and sometimes painful. And at a certain point, we were both feeling weary and distant from each other and from God. Without going into the gritty details which would be quite another long story , we both started reading a devotional based on the writings of St.

    smitten travels: 5 night road trip – southwest

    John of the Cross — a serendipitous, providential harbinger of a yet-unknown future. Then, in , as Christmas was approaching, we made the decision that we should attend the midnight Mass at the local Catholic parish.

    Paul the Apostle church. Paul: the man I had read about my whole life, the man after whom I was named. The man who received quite a surprise one fateful day. So instead of candles and pews, we found fluorescent lights and folding chairs, after being directed to a side room, since the main church was full. We had no clue what to do or what to expect.

    And then the entrance procession began.

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    In walked the altar servers carrying the incense, then the Deacon, carrying the Book of the Gospels aloft, evocative of the Jews processing with the Torah. The priest, alb and stole aflutter, came next, and for some reason, at that moment something inside me cracked. For the briefest of moments, it seemed like the ground shifted, or perhaps my heart shifted, and I felt like I had lost my footing somehow.

    Then the singing and the incense overwhelmed me, and for the next hour and a half, I was bouncing around inside myself, while at the same time being transfixed by all that was going on around me. Three things happened internally during this Mass that still stand out to me today.

    I had three internal visions what I would now describe as interior locutions. The first was an image of Jenna and me standing on the bow of a great ship.

    Introduction 🍄

    Nobody outdoes programmers. Our industry, the global programming community, is fashion-driven to a degree that would embarrass haute couture designers from New York to Paris. Fashion dictates the programming languages people study in school, the languages employers hire for, the languages that get to be in books on shelves. A naive outsider might wonder if the quality of a language matters a little, just a teeny bit at least, but in the real world fashion trumps all.

    At this time, I urge you to take a few deep breaths and ingest only in small pieces everything that follows, lest you get the bends. Here we go, lowering ourselves into the sea of mystery and intrigue which have, to this day, enveloped the commingling of tech with lit. Verily, then, eventual consistency can be a good thing— You see, nothing is good or bad, but the thinking makes it so. Do carry on. Tell me, boss. Get your mind out of the rut of sports. Come closer and listen carefully.

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    But but next time please use that mouthwash. We tread on dangerous ground, with software development costs overrunning corporate budgets out the wazoo, breaking the backs of corporations—all because of a disheartening lack of training in the art of debugging computer programs. Plus, hang on tight to the rigor of the debugging process reproduce, diagnose, fix, reflect. Pray continue. Forget all about debugging. Oh, and I was getting ready to ask you about the pizza crust—was it supposed to be pan, thin, or thick? Hudson; otherwise, she will be on my case.

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