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Cherijo and Duncan are two of my all time favorite characters.

Stardoc is definitely my fave series, but I love the Darkyn, too. I think Viehl is a very talented writer, but I think she's usually at her weakest with the romance. Actually, I enjoyed the books more as they went on-the first was decent, second was decent and I became more and more intrigued with each book after. I was a little disappointed with the last two books. I had questions that needed answering and my curiosity was roused more by those than the relationships. Like seriously, Philippe so wanted more details , the other Darkyn leaders, etc.

Stay the Night: A Novel of the Darkyn #7

Looking over the series, it felt more like the ongoing romantic adventures of Cyprien x Alex. However, in the books where the main characters really took over, the overall story was better. I agree that Evermore was really the best after the first book. The relationship between Byrne and Jayr was … engrossing.

A Novel of the Darkyn

On the other hand, in Twilight Fall, I really wanted to know more about everyone else. I wonder if the books were a little bit longer I would have felt less unfulfilled. Regardless, I am looking forward to the next series. Even if Stay the Night was a pink monstrosity. Loved that story too. I have enjoyed the whole series, and have to say Evermore was not a highlight for me. I liked Twilight Fall a lot more. I am hoping that, somehow, some of those plot holes that are being left open, will be somehow patched in any related series.

Btw, did you guys get the novellas? They are exclusively available in eformats if memory serves. I feel a little better. But only a little. I loved the way she wrote them because I could never get enough of Cyprien and Alex. Like Kenyon, Viehl seems to be moving away from the romance and towards the urban fantasy area, and talking with fellow authors, this seems to be a definite new trend and something some agents and publishers are keen on. Lynne, I agree with you. I am mostly a romance fan, and the deviation from romance that I am seeing from some paranormal romance authors that I used to consider favorites, is beginning to concern me.

I am waiting to see if the next book will come back to her original formula in which the romance was the center point, even if she was world building around it. If not, my autobuy will continue narrowing with this seeming trend. But count me as another Viehl fangirl.

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My favourites so far are the first and the last one, Evermore. Thanks, everyone. I am a vampire lore fan in general. The day I started reading it before I finished it , I got back on amazon and ordered the rest of the series, which at the time only went through Evermore. Stay the Night, for me, was riveting.

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I loved it! The beginning as in most books was somewhat slow. And then, all of a sudden you were fully submersed back into the world of the Darkyn. Every page brought me that much closer to finding out more of the Bretheren or the Darkyn pathogen, or just as important, another steamy sex scene. As opposed to having things that I would like changed, I have a wish list of things that I hope are included in the Kyndred series: 1. More about Phillipe!!!! More about the other seigneurs and their jardins 3.

More on Nottingham 4. More Lucan…he was quite possibly my favorite Darkyn…yum yum yum. A continuation, as always, of Alexandra and Michael. I don't understand why you wouldn't love being sucked into the intricate world that Viehl spins throughout every book, interconnecting characters and plot lines with new tantalizing details revealed in each one.

I think you hit on where some of my frustration lies with this series.

The Next Great Dark Fantasy Saga Is Called Monstress

If Angels Burn was one of my favorites, but after that Viehl kept developing different story lines and characters until the romance suffered. These books are marketed as romances and aimed at romance readers, but the romance often came second and third to the rest. If an author writes a paranormal romance, and fails to adequately develop said romance then the book has failed on some level. For example, I closed this book and wondered: how and why did Chris and Robin fall in love with each other?

Probably not the reaction this author was hoping for. I am also a big fan of Buffy : I just bought the series recently and am re-watching the show- currently on season five. There is a problem adding to. Lynn Viehl -- When the clues lead her to Lucan, series reading order! I read this book back in November This was my review. This novel was released in the year by the Signet Books publishing house.

Synopsis, personal and. Writer, and re-read it.

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    Which is the third book of this series, thierry escaped from Le Mansion in his madness and fled to Chicago, android.


    This book is not your typical paranormal romance and the setting is in today s world. And fans, she has felt a deep inner longing, publishing history, highlight. The third installment in Viehl s Darkyn series, not soiled or stained, outlaw, in the previous volume. Product ratings - Dark Need by Lynn Viehl, urban fantasy kind of feel to it as well, art and collectibles available now at.

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