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Sun Wukong competes with them in a contest of magic powers and lures them into meeting their respective ends: Tiger is beheaded; Elk is disemboweled; Antelope is fried in boiling oil.

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He terrorises the people living near the river and demands that they sacrifice a boy and a girl to him every year or he will cause flooding. He is no match for Sun Wukong and retreats back to his underwater lair. Sun Wukong learns from Guanyin later that the demon is actually a goldfish from a lotus pond at Mount Putuo who obtained his powers after listening to Guanyin reciting the scriptures every day. Guanyin uses a fish basket to trap the demon and bring him back to the pond.

He is actually Taishang Laojun 's Azure Bull. He captures Tang Sanzang and his companions except for Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong seeks help from various celestial forces, including Li Jing , Nezha , the fire deities and the Eighteen Arhats , but all of them also lose their weapons to the demon's Golden Jade Ring.

The demon is eventually subdued and taken back by Taishang Laojun. When the women in Women's Country want to drink from the spring, they need to present gifts to Ruyi first. Ruyi holds a grudge against Sun Wukong because of the fate of his nephew, Red Boy, and he behaves in a hostile manner when Sun comes to ask for water from the spring.

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Ruyi is eventually outwitted and defeated by Sun Wukong. When the protagonists arrive in her country, she hears that Tang Sanzang is the oath brother of Tang Dynasty's Emperor and decides to marry him. On Sun Wukong's suggestion, Tang Sanzang pretends to marry the ruler and lies that his three students will go to fetch the scriptures in place of him.

The Ruler of Women's Country believes Sanzang and treat them with great ceremony. After the ceremony, she sends the three students off the city with Sanzang and is told by Sanzang that he's leaving with his students. She feels ashamed after all the students fly away to catch up with Demoness and goes back to her palace. Her true form is a scorpion with the size of a pipa. She practises Taoist arts for several years and obtains magical powers.

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The Buddha suffers from the pain of the sting and instructs his followers to bring the Scorpion to him but she has already fled. Shortly after escaping from Women's Country, Tang Sanzang is abducted by the Scorpion Demoness and taken back to her lair, where she tries to seduce Tang Sanzang to marry her. Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie fight with the Scorpion but are held back by her poisonous sting. The scorpion goes back to her cave and brings Sanzang into the bridal suite she prepares.

She entices Sanzang for the whole night, but gets annoyed when Sanzang doesn't agree to marry her. Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie comes again the next day and are held back by her poisonous sting again. The Scorpion is eventually killed by the Sun Deity of Mao, who transforms into a giant rooster with two combs. He fights with the real Sun Wukong and neither of them is able to overcome his opponent. No one is able to differentiate between the real and the fake Sun Wukong until the two appear before the Buddha, who tells them about the four spiritual primates.

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The Six Eared Macaque attempts to flee when he hears the Buddha speak about his true identity but the Buddha traps him under a giant golden alms bowl. The macaque is then killed by Sun Wukong. In the early chapters of the novel, he becomes sworn brothers with Sun Wukong and five other demon kings. He appears again in a later chapter when the protagonists arrive at the Flaming Mountains along their journey.

In the ensuing fight against Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie, Bull Demon King reveals his true form, a giant white bull, and attempts to charge towards his opponents. Her true form is a vixen. She is killed by Zhu Bajie. Finally, there's Io, a sulphuric moon of Jupiter, and as one of the last places the Traveller visited before the collapse, is considered a sacred place by the Warlocks - which where we'll find the third and final Vanguard member, Ikora.

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The above four areas are bigger than anything seen in the first Destiny, with the promise of much more to do. As well as the return of Patrols, ambient enemy encounters, public events and region chests to find, there are two new excursions; Adventures , side-missions given to you by characters in the world, and Lost Sectors , which are marked on your map as new places to explore, with a cache of treasure and a boss to fight waiting at the end of it.

To help, you'll now finally have a map to chart your position and progress, and also give you a heads up of the public events and other timed activities that will take place, and when. There are also ' Flashpoints ', where one location per week will have special attributes different enemy encounters, treasures for high level rewards.

A crowd-pleasing gameplay change that's worth highlighting on its own is the ability to jump from planet-to-planet without going to orbit the screen where you chose which destinations or activities to play next first. Bit of a timesaver! Plus, each planet has multiple landing zones - or if you're on the planet already, fast travel points. The three primary classes Warlocks, Titans and Hunters all return, but this time with one new sub-class and two reworked returning classes, complete with new Supers which are assumed to work the same as the first game, gradually building over time and boosted with enemy kills and buffs.

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Meanwhile, each sub-class also has a new recharging ability, activated by holding or double tapping the crouch button - this includes erecting a shield, a quick dodge and healing. If you want to read more about other skill changes, our Destiny 2 classes and sub-classes page dive into these in more detail. Redesigned to be more approachable but just as hard to master, all game modes are now four versus four players, with new HUD display elements that tell you key information about your opponents, from when they have picked up Power Ammo to when their Supers are ready.

There is one new mode - Countdown - which will be the first attack and defend scenario in the series to date. Fans of the Private Match feature may be disappointed to hear it won't be in the sequel from day one. Other modes will see tweaks, meanwhile. For example Control will return, also with some surprising changes. Matches will now begin with each team controlling one of three control points from the off, but capturing points no longer requires you to uncapture them from the enemy team, and multiple team members no long speed up capture.

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Power Ammo the replacement for Heavy Ammo is now found near each team's first spawn point, controlling all zones gives you a bigger point advantage, and matches are now shorter, too. While not new to Destiny, Clans are now built into the game itself, making it easier to manage, grow and customise. Being part of a clan will give you shared rewards, even if you only play a few specific missions or matches per week, everyone will benefit in some way. For those who want to play solo, then Guided Games combines the two concepts.

Clans can advertise for additional players to join a Fireteam - completing a team of three or six that wouldn't usually allow matchmaking, such as the Nightfall or Raid - with solo players able to select their desired group based their specific requests. The solo players can then freely move on after the game, or if they enjoyed their time with the clan, decide to join up. Destiny 2 on PC launching after PS4 and Xbox One will support a range of visual options - from 4K resolution to an uncapped framerate, full mouse and keyboard support, text chat, adjustable field of view and monitor support, as well as being exclusive to Blizzard's Battle.

You can read more on Destiny 2 graphics options with our dedicated PC page. There will be two expansions confirmed as part of the limited edition reveal, with symbols hinting at possible returning characters and settings. One features Osiris - a Warlock who lived on Mercury and whom the high-skilled Trials of Osiris multiplayer event is named after - and the other is of Rasputin, the Warmind intelligence found in the Cosmodrome in the original.

A new Destiny 2 season is upon us! Elsewhere, learn how to reach the new power level cap. As always, Forsaken activities are still worth checking out - including the Ascendant Challenge this week and Blind Well and Oracle Engine Offering activities. As with the first game, PlayStation 4 owners will receive year-long timed-exclusive content ahead of its Xbox One and PC counterparts, including a competitive multiplayer map, a three-player co-op Strike, a blue and white coloured ship, specialised gear sets and an exclusive exotic weapon.

An improvement on the original game is there is a combination of dedicated servers and peer-to-peer networking in the sequel. This differs from Destiny 1, where these hosting duties were performed by player consoles and only script and mission logic ran in the data center.

Unlocked upon completing new activities or collecting new weapons in the original game, Bungie has confirmed Grimoire cards will no longer be in the sequel. It's thanks to the its greater focus on in-game storytelling; as well as a form of collectable, these cards also provided additional details about the universe of Destiny when read through the official companion app, so expect these worldbuilding snippets to move into the game instead.

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Eastern rat snakes are excellent swimmers and climbers. They will use these skills to catch a variety of food, from bird eggs to frogs. They are the snake most likely to be seen around buildings hunting for rodents, amphibians , and young birds. Eastern rat snakes are constrictor snakes and will use their body to suffocate their prey. Rat snakes emit a foul-smelling odor when they feel threatened by a predator. This musk imitates what a poison would taste like.

The typical breeding season for this snake is from May to late June. During this time, male snakes search for females and will fight one another for the right to mate with a female. A female will lay between six and two dozen eggs, usually in late July. The eggs may take between five and seven weeks to develop and hatch.

Hatchlings will stay near their hatching site for up to two years. However, these snakes are often mistreated by humans who are frightened of them.