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Others manage it well enough to live a worthwhile life despite occasional down times. It is important to remember that depression is an illness and treatment is available. Unfortunately the topic of mental health still carries a lot of stigma, especially in Asia.

This can make it even harder to broach the topic with family and friends, or to seek professional medical support. Yet seeking advice and treatment is just as necessary for mental as for physical illness. If you broke a leg, would you hobble around without telling anyone, hoping no one would notice the serious impact it had on your ability to work and social life? Quite the contrary. A broken limb gets wrapped in an ostentatious plaster cast and well wishes.

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Why then do we shroud broken minds and hearts in shame and secrecy? As a parent, anything that hurts your child can be a stab at you too, and you probably want to do anything you can to alleviate the pain.

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Yet in the rush to help, it is easy to hinder, so what should you do if you believe your child is suffering with depression? Read more on the topic of mental health in Thailand for expats here.

The contents contained here are not intended to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or as a substitute for consulting a licensed medical professional. Health information should always be carefully reviewed with your health care provider. Remember me. Lost your password?

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The Moody Teen The moody teen is a stereotype to which your child may or may not conform. She uses her talents to give us a fully rounded character who is struggling with the polarities of good and evil.

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On her 16th birthday, she must choose between being human or wholly embracing her witchy heritage. The question is, which will she choose? Image via IMDb. Not to mention that Sabrina must keep an emotional distance to some extent to protect her human friends. Sinclair shines both as the character who must deal with physical and spiritual challenges and as the actor who brings that character to life.

Rosiland has a beautiful slow arc that draws us in and gives us a reason to be invested in her story.

She has a gift that is also a curse. Susie Putnam, played by Lachlan Watson, is an excellent example. Watson takes on the role of a non-binary person who was born a girl.

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Though they are family. While Zelda is a devil-worshiping, cigarette-smoking witch, Hilda is kind of goofy and entirely loveable. While some of the following can be considered behaviors of a teen moving through the angst of adolescence , other symptoms are indicative of a more serious issue going on. The first thing is for parents to become familiar with these symptoms. The following three areas are what clinicians look at when diagnosing. They involve the Intensity of feelings and behaviors; the Duration of these experiences and finally the Domains in which they take place.

Intensity : This involves the kind of thoughts and feelings a teenager is experiencing. Are they mild, but chronic in their presentation?

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  6. Are they moderate, interfering with school, home and social experiences? Measuring the intensity will help determine if the issues are a passing mood or symptoms of a mood disorder. This looks at the timeline of experiences.

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    Does the moodiness present suddenly and is gone moments later? Is it followed by many good days in a row? Or is it more chronic, presenting for longer periods of time without any breaks? If the duration of symptoms is two weeks or longer, there is likely a depressive disorder operating.

    Teen angst tends to get the best of us parents and teachers, but adolescents can reel it in with their friends or with others. Psychological disorders, however, are often pervasive, meaning they tend to present in nearly all situations and circumstances and are not controlled by will. So, a depressed teenager will likely have difficulties functioning in school, at home, with peers, in social events as well as with their own sense of self.

    Diagnosing depression and receiving treatment early can derail the seriousness of the disorder. Deborah Serani, Psy.