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My family and I have always dreamed of coming to the United States and accomplishing our dreams here. My family put in all of their investments and financial resources to allow me to come here and make things happen. Hajouli is a trainee doctor from Aleppo who has lived in the US for about two years. He and his wife both fled Syria after the civil war broke out. His wife has been living in Turkey and he has not seen her in almost two years.

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Hajouli said his wife was recently granted a J2 visa and flew Saturday from Istanbul to Dulles International Airport outside Washington. She was being detained at the airport and had not yet seen a lawyer. Hajouli said he feels more hopeful after a federal judge granted an emergency stay for citizens of the affected countries who have already arrived in the US.

Abdo came to the U. A lot of people have lost hope. Moustafa is a trainee doctor at a hospital in Washington, D.

Like his friend Hajouli, he was raised in Aleppo and left Syria soon after the civil war started. He is in the US on a cultural exchange visa along with his wife, who had been visiting family in Qatar.

Dr. Seyed Babak Kalantar, MD - MedStar Health

Because she has a Syrian passport, she was sent back several hours later, he said. But he said the crowds at Dulles chanting "Refugees are welcome here" have given him hope. I waited four years before I got a visa to come to the US and marry my wife. After I got to America, a terrible war started in Yemen.

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I am always thinking about my family and my country, counting down the days until this war ends. I thought all I wanted was for the airstrikes to end and the airport to open in Sana'a, so me and my wife could visit my family. Now this new executive order would mean that if I left the country to visit my family, I would not be allowed to return to Georgia where I live now with my wife, even though I am a legal permanent resident. I am so upset. Zandian is a doctoral student in biochemistry at Ohio State University.

Kennedy International Airport in New York. Darweesh, who worked as an interpreter for the US military during the Iraq War, was released from detention Saturday afternoon.

Dr. Babak Sarani

Alhassani lives in Saudi Arabia and works for an international company that does business with the US. Alhassani, the father of five children, was planning on traveling to Washington, D. Thaher came to the US five years ago. Her brother and his family are still in Iraq, where he works with a company that protects US military personnel.