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Scientists studying scopolamine say that the drug blocks certain neurotransmitters in the brain, causing amnesia and making the subject passive, but not unable to refuse commands. According to the website Everup. Since then, the American Embassy has put up a warning on its website, to make citizens travelling to the South American countries where scopolamine is commonly used, aware of the dangers.

Also read: Two arrested for drugs. Peo Holele could not remember what happened to her after encountering two strange women. She regained her senses whilst standing in line at a grocery store.

  1. Devil's Breath: Urban Legend or the World's Most Scary Drug??
  2. Devil's breath, the Colombian zombie drug, more than lives up to its name.!
  4. Scopolamine or “The Devil’s Breath”, the Drug that Nullifies Your Will.

A doctor speculated that Mrs Holele might have inhaled ethyl or ethane chloride, a mild anaesthetic. Also read: Drugs worth R12mil. Here a man demonstrates how it is blown into the air. Functional foods have become buzzwords, but what are they? SAVF hou nagwedloop. Alzu Tour de Farm photos.

Has Devil's Breath, 'the world's scariest drug,' made it to the suburbs? (Probably not)

At civil war for 50 years, Colombia has a homicide rate of about 28 per , people — enough to place it 12th in the entire world, according to the most recent United Nations Global Study on Homicide Likewise, according to the C. World Factbook , Colombia ranks 11th worldwide for income inequality. Then, read up on nyaope , the drug that blends heroin, rat poison, and HIV medication. By John Kuroski. Devil's breath, the Colombian zombie drug, more than lives up to its name. Share Tweet Email.

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Is Devil’s Breath The World’s Scariest Drug?

John Kuroski. She reports the incident to mall security and police, who look into it but can't find the man or evidence of anything criminal. But word of the incident last week spread quickly over social media, including our own Everything Schaumburg Facebook group. There, similar accounts were told, some involving as many as three men.

Parents were admonished to keep their daughters from going to the mall alone.

What Is the 'Devil's Breath'? Scary Drug Paralyzed Backpackers In Australia

Warnings were issued about beautiful young girls being abducted, never to be seen again. And words like scopolamine, burandanga and, most ominously of all, Devil's Breath were tossed out for public consumption. So what exactly happened at Woodfield? We can't yet say for sure -- Schaumburg police tell us they're still investigating -- so we tried a little online sleuthing. Similar accounts of criminals using mysterious substances to incapacitate unwitting victims and then robbing them, or worse, have been reported in recent years from places as near as Kansas City and as far as Australia and South America.

Most revolve around the so-called Devil's Breath, a substance also known as burandanga produced from a plant common in Colombia.

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It's similar to or the same as accounts vary the prescription motion sickness medication scopolamine. The odorless, tasteless white powder has been described as "the world's scariest drug.

Amnesia can occur, leaving the victim powerless to recall events or identify perpetrators. The London-based The Telegraph newspaper reported in that three were arrested in Paris on allegations they blew Devil's Breath into the faces of strangers, who would fall into a zombielike state, making them easy marks. Police in the Spanish resort town of Marabella investigated reports last year that tourists were given Devil's Breath, then raped or robbed.

And in , the U. State Department warned tourists that the drug was commonly used by criminals in Colombia, leaving victims unconscious for 24 or more. So should we be worried that Devil's Breath has made its way to the 'burbs? Based on what we know of the Woodfield incident so far, probably not. Christy Lindhurst tells us detectives are looking into the matter, but she adds that much of the online scuttlebutt about the report is misleading.

The woman, she said, never lost consciousness and did not claim that a substance was blown on her. The man who blew on her, Lindhurst said, did not wait to see if she fell unconscious. He didn't touch or talk to her, or even stop after they crossed paths.

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