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I am going to design a collection of furniture that surrounds, challenges and engages with the evolving concept of the heirloom in contemporary design practices. The heirloom goes through a dynamic process as an object or place from a memory that is remembered, preserved, re-envisioned, and reconstituted within a contemporary space. These objects build narratives around ones past and serve as identity anchor in which you place your own value on selected objects or places.

Aug 03, Daria rated it liked it. Jakkolwiek dziwnie to nie zabrzmi, ale Aug 19, Anthony rated it liked it. Written as Thomas Luke back in the 80's. A pretty straight forward light horror tale. Not as intense and gory as his other works but worth a read especially for Masterton fans. Feb 26, Barbra rated it liked it.

This is an early Masterton horror. I have to say that this book didn't pull me in as much as many of his others have done. Not a bad book but not one of his best. They lost track of time This is an early Masterton horror.

That was when Rick decided to destroy the chair - before it destroyed everything he'd ever cared for. But by then it was too late to stop the Evil that seemed determined to remain with Rick as a gift for the rest of his entire, hell-filled life An enjoyable but, totally unbelievable, tale.

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This was a non frightening horror story but, very enjoyable, all the same. The story moved along at a rapid pace, it held my attention and kept me enthralled until the very end. I don't think I will have any nightmares after reading this book, just the satisfaction of having read a good tale, well told. May 07, Geoff Battle rated it really liked it. A good old school horror yarn. Masterton, as usual, pulls no punches which some great grisly scenarios. The peripheral characters are a little shallow, but easily forgiven considering the genre.

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A simple and entertaining read. Original idea but very campy execution. Still entertaining though. I could see this being a cheesy but iconic 80's classic. Like hell has broken out. Did the face carved on the chair move? Lovely old-fashioned horror story, atmospheric and well written. Heirloom I always enjoyed books by this author.

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This was a quick, good read. The plot was great, the suspense was greatly appreciated. As with all of Graham Mastertons books I'm hooked cover to cover. Exquisite, deep, enchanting imagination from the author.

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Highly recommended read. Dec 27, Elusive rated it liked it Shelves: review. In 'The Heirloom', antiques aficionado Rick leads a relatively happy life with his wife and son but everything changes with the arrival of an antiques seller. Desperate to offload a grand mahogany chair which has an intricate design, the seller throws in tons of other furniture for free! The moment Rick buys the chair though, his family is plagued by a chain of terrifying and ultimately life-threatening events.. The premise captured my interest from the get-go and the execution was pr In 'The Heirloom', antiques aficionado Rick leads a relatively happy life with his wife and son but everything changes with the arrival of an antiques seller.

The premise captured my interest from the get-go and the execution was pretty decent, just not solid enough. The author did a great job building up the sense of impending doom though. When the chair was introduced, it instantly had a strong presence. There was no doubt that it was one-of-a-kind and probably expensive yet something about it was unsettling and evil. Although I thought that Rick was an idiot to fall for an obviously too-good-to-be-true deal, it was still believable considering how much he loved antiques. This book definitely delivered unforgettable, spine-chilling horror.

Imagine a chair - such an ordinary everyday object - being able to move itself but never getting caught in action and worst of all, refusing to leave. No matter what Rick did to get rid of it, it always found a way back home. Of course, a horror story wouldn't be complete without a string of gory deaths. Those scenes were incredibly well-written so much so that I could picture the victims and feel their pain.

That's how good and descriptive Masterton is. But I didn't enjoy the pet dog scene - that was just too brutal for an animal. The background story of the chair was gradually revealed. It was well-thought-out with numerous details. However, the story started to lose steam sometime during the last one-third of the book. More specifically, the part where Rick and his family came up with a plan to defeat the chair.

It was a little too drawn out for my liking. That whole section also reminded me of 'Mirror' by the same author it was definitely superior to this one.

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This book was at its best when it focused on the creepy incidents that took place at home. Overall, 'The Heirloom' was a delightfully scary, engaging story that will make you look at chairs differently. Or create a trust for the property with its own bylaws. That roof is going to spring a leak sooner or later.

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Create a dedicated fund for maintenance, taxes and other costs, supported by annual contributions from family members. Note: If you break a lamp or a doorknob comes off in your hand, fix it yourself or prepare for frost at the Labor Day clambake. Have an exit strategy. Any long-term plan should factor in the possibility that descendants may need to sell. Outline provisions for doing so. Miller said. How have you managed any conflicts with family over inherited properties?

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