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On the other hand, even if one Chakra is blocked or open too much, then the individual may experience frustration, ill health and destructive thoughts.

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Learning, concentration and memory problems, physical illnesses, chronic disorders, aches and pains as well as depression can be attributed to imbalanced Chakras. In the overactive or hyperactive mode, the seventh Chakra can lead a person to have obsessive thoughts. Such individuals live in the past or constantly think about the future.

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Overactive Crown Chakra can also give rise to obsessive spirituality, so much so that his other duties are neglected. Blockage in the Crown Chakra can render it inactive. Such a person tends to be rigid, selfish and spiritually unaware.

Crown Chakra Affirmations

Blocked Crown Chakra can also lead to selfish thoughts, inability to see the bigger picture in life and a general lack of values and ethics. A person with a closed Crown Chakra gets no guidance from the Supreme Power; this fact tends to anger him but he also feels unworthy of receiving such help in the first place.

Blocked or overactive Crown Chakra can lead to various physical ailments such as depression, headaches, neurological issues etc. There are a few expert recommended techniques which can help us balance the seventh Chakra optimally. The key here is to open the Chakra just right: not too much, not too little. The Crown Chakra is our connection with Divinity; it is the portal through which the life energy enters our body.

But how about living with moments of pure awareness?

Connect to the Divine With the Seventh Chakra

We have all experienced these moments at one time or another. Have you ever felt unconditional love for someone? Have you ever experienced a miracle? Practicing meditation, prayer, and daily silence are disciplines that lead to increased moments of spiritual connection. In fact, these are the only means by which you will experience the essence of Sahaswara.

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Just as you would go to school for hours a day and study for exams to obtain a degree, meditation, prayer, and silence are your studies to obtain a spiritual degree. You will begin to experience unconditional love on a consistent basis.

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You will be more compassionate, kind, and forgiving, and you will show more humility. Life will no longer be solely about you and your desires.


Your life will become more about serving others because when you serve others, you are serving yourself. While silence is the most powerful and important way to opening the seventh chakra, there are some other practices that support this chakra.

Two Pranayama breathing techniques you can do before meditation include Nadi Shodhana, or alternate nostril breathing, and Kapalabhati, or the skull shining breath. Inverted yoga asanas such as headstand Salamba Sirsasana and down dog Adho Mukha Svanasana can help stimulate the seventh chakra, as well as any posture that brings the crown of the head to the floor such as fish pose Matsyasana.

The color for the crown chakra is violet or white and the mantra sound is the universal sound of OM. Gems you can wear or have in your environment to help open and align the seventh chakra are amethyst, selenite, and sugilite. Develop a meditation practice that will last you a lifetime.

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What can you do to support this chakra?

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