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The only way to make decent money is to have alot of it in your account.

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However they dont seem to tell you this and continually refer to how you only need a small amount to start. The sooner this company gets found out the better. How true Geoff.

If you want to make a little bit bit of money in the markets, start with a lot. Barnett makes his money via stealing honest peoples fees.


Shame Andrew Shame! Thanks Paul. I paid 10K for their course and not once made any profit on a monthly time frame. It is a scam. All you will do is put cash in HIS pocket. Anyone who is based in Noosa is merely a scam. I noticed today that Barnett had a big ad in the Herald Sun newspaper. Any person who takes out a huge ad in a major paper is not on the level.

If he proports to deliver what he preaches then he does not need to do this. He is worried that he is losing his clients.

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I was losing too much money. I guess many more clients are doing the same. Hence the ad in the newspaper. According to one Big Money Masters review posted recently, the training program is well worth the money for various reasons. One of those reasons is because of the knowledge that can be gained from the program. The Big Money Masters is a full-fledged course that consists of seven modules. There are well over 15 hours of content, including transcripts, audios, a nice text alert service, insider reports and much more.

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E the forex trading market makers. Swer Wiki. What is the best forex software available from brokers.

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Money Exchange with Andrew Barnett. Episode #7