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Good singers shape their words clearly. This takes more effort than we generally put in when talking to each other.

Those crazy expressions are a product of good vocal enunciation. Try really exaggerating your pronunciation while singing. Of course, the level or style of enunciation will vary according to the style of music see number 6 below. Good singers breathe much more deeply than mere mortals, and use that breath to support their sound. Good singing posture directs the breath and the sound to maximize your expression. Good singers are always aware of their own volume and whether it fits their musical surroundings. Screamo has its place, but is that how you want to sing every folk song?

Even well trained professional singers have to be careful when they try other genres. Listen carefully to the tone, enunciation, and phrasing see question 7, below of the style you wish to emulate. Learn from the good parts of your performance and apply these lessons to the rest. You love the song. The lyrics are deeply meaningful to you. So why does your singing sound so lifeless?

Consistency is the foundation for a good performance but phrasing makes the singer sound like a person rather than a robot! Your favorite singer makes it all sound so easy. If you want to have a good voice, learn to take care of it. That means warm up before singing difficult passages, learn proper breathing support, take it easy when you have a sore throat, and avoid straining your voice trying to reach notes beyond your range.

How do we develop all these skills? Good singers with self-awareness use their ears as much as their voice!

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  • Think You Can't Sing? You Were Born to Sing | Spinditty.

Listening carefully to ourselves and to others is the key to all of the points we have made so far. Record your singing practice and after you get past the strange feeling of hearing your own voice you will be able to pinpoint exactly what can be improved. Pick two or three things to work on at a time. Remember to have fun with it! Build on these qualities with regular practice and enjoy the transformation you hear! Did you know there are four phases to learning to sing?

We have a short email course which explains each of the phases and how you can improve - from "tone deaf" to singing confidently with a great-sounding voice.

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How to Find Your Natural Singing Voice | Spinditty

The course is free and you can unsubscribe at any time if you change your mind. Just enter your details below:. Spam-free, guaranteed. Musical U provides in-depth training modules, an easy-to-use personalised planning system, a friendly and supportive community, and access to expert help whenever you need it. Start Now. Musical U membership provides you with dozens of training modules, tools for goal-setting and planning, and a friendly, supportive community who will help you succeed. Download free ear training apps to help you improve your ear for music:.

Ask Yourself These 10 Questions Close. Welcome to Musical U! Before you dive in, did you know that we offer a Free Checklist to help you become more musical? You can learn to play by ear, sing in tune, become more musically confident, and more The Musicality Checklist will give you the clarity you need to ensure your training is effective and successful.

Get the Checklist! Before you press the delete button, listen again, try not to wince, and ask yourself these questions: 1. Am I in control of my voice? Does my voice have a good tone? Am I pronouncing my words clearly? This is hub is for me I enjoyed reading it and will be trying these steps. I really wanted to find my natural true singing voice. I love singing but it seems singing doesn't like me.

So, I will try this and let see the result. Very helpful hub.

I had fun just stretching and making the sounds you suggested. I never realized how I force a lot of sound when I sing.

Change a Harsh Voice Into a Sweet Soft Singing Voice

Back to the drawing board. I think I need a bigger board. Thank you so much for your wonderful tips. Have a splendid day. Oh, dear, Bill - I'd best be getting to this soon. We can do a 'before and after' vocal lesson to confirm the name of the studio! Thanks for being here. Very happy that you are sending this hub to your son. Let me know what he has to say about this vocal exercise. This was sure interesting and looks fun. It's probably important, too. I'm sending the link to my son who I'm sure will enjoy it. These exercises work!

You may have to give it several tries to adjust the ear to the sound. A background in piano and violin will be helpful because your ear is already trained to hear musical pitch and sound. When I was young, I focused on playing the violin and piano instead of exercising my voice. Now I regret it!

I look forward to trying this! I hope it works for me! Hi there. Tell me how these exercises are working for you? Make sure to do them often. The more, the better. I'm so happy to learn that you like to sing. Please let me know if I can help you in any way. Send me an email when you can.

What makes a voice “good”?

Thank you. I love your comments Diana. In February I am offering a couple of free singing lessons video to 10 people on HP in celebration of my birthday. Let me know if you're interested. Just like taking a prescription to mask pain, it's better to cure the cause.

How to Release Your Singing Voice: From Speaking to Singing

Your problem could very well be that your body is holding too much tension. If so, the rag doll will help more than anything else. Someone told me once that drinking warm to hot liquid will help my singing voice. Didn't work. Then another said gaggling with raw eggs down my throat will.